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Crystal Lantern House

What would you do if all the sudden you own that piece of property of your have worked hard and can build that house that has burned a hole in your brain for years, maybe decades?  

Well, what do you do? Design it yourself, hire a draftsman to turn your dream into a simple box, buy a plan out of a book, or hire an architect?

Above all, you must get the most amount of satisfaction from your house as measured by your impressions many years in the future. To do that, you should plan properly now. To plan properly, you must know the issues both physical and philosophical. To see what I see, you must learn to think like an architect....or more specifically, like this architect.

Crystal Lantern House is my take on the practical and the philosophical regarding my specialty, designing unique, stylistic, and timeless custom timber framed houses. The subjects are compiled from my conversations with clients, and blanket you with images and answers.

The issues that go into fine houses are the issues that make a house a home. They involve
everything from easy walking layout to smells and accoustics. The arrangement of framed views, the choice of wood, stone and finishes, and the use of responsible but comfortable materials must be addressed.

With an introduction to the not-so-obvious issues of home design, you gain a base of philosophy and understanding of structure, process, site orientation, and the senses as a guide to great design.

Book Reviews:

Timber Home Living, June 2012
     "This is the book that every architect wishes his or her prospective clients would read before asking the architect to design a new timber home. It not only walks the reader through all phases of design and construction, it also provides a list of almost all of the decisions that the homeowner will have to make along the way: site, materials, style, room arrangement, timber species, and on and on. The author walks through the important questions about every room in the house.  The book is mostly about one house the author designed, but there are lots of photos, including some of other homes he created."
Tim Schreiner, Editor

Page Examples:

The Timber Raising

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