Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Timber Framed House and Eternity

Krull Kitchen

The timber framed house is an icon of permanence and strength in a world of disposable everything.  With proper design, construction, and basic care the house will last generations, centuries and eons.

When designing a timber framed house for an individual, couple, or family, there is a certainty that the house represents a life changing event for the owners.  Sometimes the owners are retiring, and this will be their home……. for eternity. Other times the house represents a serious commitment to family, staying put, and raising kids…….for eternity. And every so often the house will be a second house retreat where the owners, their family and friends will go to recreate and strengthen bonds………for eternity. 

You may have noticed a theme. In my years of practice, only two of my houses have been for sale. One, in Colorado, was recently sold because of a job related move.  One other is for sale presently in remote Alaska because of family commitments. Both couples are sad to re-define the bond they have with their homes.

Krull House
For clients, home design is a very personal and scary adventure. Of course, they want to get it right the first time. It is prudent for the architect to get the client involved in the research of everything from windows and doors to electrical and plumbing fixtures. Ultimately, architects can show things and suggest things, but clients choose things, and they choose things that match their personalities. Each item, from the smallest fixture…..to the house…..to the site itself, is a reflection of the owners.  

The scary part is the unknown, especially if this is your first time. Those are typically costs, schedules, procedures, and the biggest fear of all—making bad choices that haunt you forever.

The keys to making good decisions boils down to three things: take the time to research properly, get good advice, and step outside yourself.

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